Carlford Coven



    CARLFORD COVEN ANNUAL REPORT – 2018      Garfield Woodnut & Iggy Sawdust


The Bards of the Heath – continued on our journey, adding many private Gigs to our itinery and continued to entertain at Mind, Body Spirit Festivals in Suffolk and Essex,  Wassail at the Millbeach, Shottisham Sorrel Horse Pub,  Fetes and Folk Clubs and our ‘home’ the White Horse, Kirton— the Diary for 2019 is open for similar events.


The Wicklaw Thing continues to be held in the White Horse pub at Kirton, IP10 0NX on the first Wednesday of each month & has had a super year of meetings. Once again we had a very musical year :

JAN 3RD - Bill & Sheila - start the year with relaxed folk, blues n' more                                                                   

FEB 7TH - Bards of the Heath                                                                                                                        

MAR 7TH - Rosewood- English Traditional Music and more.
APR 4TH - Holly Johnston - local singer songwriter, niche music.
MAY 2ND - Sheila Haskins - Poetry in motion
JUNE 6TH - Tom Crosthwaite & Anni Meehan - Folk & Cotemporary Songs
JULY 4TH - Fourplay - Brenda, Tony, Jo & John - evening of music favourites
AUG 1ST - Shadows in the Shade - Jed & Des with Shanties & Folk.
SEPT 5th - Neal Sutton - Ancient Wisdom -talk.
OCT 3rd - Pixiephonic - Pixie Mike & Daisy r back with their sELF written songs
NOV 7th - Duncan Sweeting - Deer                                                                                                                                        DEC 5th - Bards of the Heath - Music for the Winter

Sabbats for our meetings we used our garden dome tent to advantage  –                                                                                                          

Imbolc - A Blue Moon saw us in the garden, likewise for  Eostre  - We created another batch of Blue Moon Thunderwater 

Beltane was back at the garden too where we burnt the Beltane woods in our Fire Bowl

Summer Solstice – At the height of the hottest summer for many years we took the opportunity to redecorate the Covenstead.                                                              

Lammas – This year we walked around local areas of interest—Dodnash, Santon Downham, Captains Wood, Flatford.

For Mabon – Rain at the Equinox  meant a cancelled gathering but we had sailed on the Orwell and spent time with friends on the Norfolk Coast  followed by an unusually good Anglo-Saxon gathering staged at the Suffolk Food Hall near the Orwell Bridge.                                                  

At Samhain – a meeting with Anubis was held in the Garden dome tent. 

Yule  - A Feast for 18 in the Douglas Bader—Family & Friends mingled in a traditional gathering, a successful meeting with renewed acquaintances.


As the Moons coincided with Sabbat times we mingled the two, ending with the Night of the Lunantishees at Newbourne in the dusk—collecting more Spring Water.


Carlford Coven Crafts - Our handmade goods continue to be sought after & are a great   success - once again our pyrographed Stangs, Wands & Boxes are admired &  eagerly snapped up by discerning shoppers who are looking for unique, genuine crafted items; the Stangs in particular always prove to be very popular. You will find our Table of Goodies at Mind, Body & Spirit Events throughout the year. John Goodluck and the Bards of the Heath CDs always available from our Table or on-line at