Carlford Coven


The Powerful Wand

For some Witches the Athame is the foremost working tool but many find that carrying a ‘knife’ in these paranoid times is fraught with danger. Others feel that the metals used in the manufacture of the Ritual Blade are threatening to many entities that they wish to contact, as a result more and more of our Coven are now carrying Wands and judging by their popularity on our Craft Stall this is an ever growing trend. Those who are lucky enough to be part of the Inner Circle of Carlford Coven will be aware that Wands play an important part in our Rituals and magical Workings.

They have always been an indispensable accessory of the Magician - a Thundering Rod – carrying the Will and intent of the Magus. They can be traced back to prehistoric times, the Staffs of Priests, Kings and magical healers, even to the Rods of Moses and Aaron.

In Tarot the suit of Wands is connected with energy, enterprise and activity and as such when casting spells or invoking spirits the Wand is an agent of transformation.


We take great care in making this important instrument of power.

These wands are cut from our local area when the moon is full or waxing. They are matured over winter for at least six months to ensure quality of the finished tool.  They can be stripped of bark, oiled and waxed or left with the bark on - which shrinks and dries, giving a textured finish. Decorative knotwork, beads, stones and amulets are then added as a finishing touch.


We all have our favourite Wands depending on the woods and intent. One well used Wand was cut from the laurel hedge at the Covenstead (the Wand of Nostradamus was of laurel ) and inscribed with personal magical symbols. Others were taken from Willow trees by the Stour river. Our Blackthorn wands are extremely powerful at certain times of the year.  


Depending on the type of wood used the wand can have various attributes, for instance we have two wands which we call the Yin and Yang wands – one is birch - the other is Rowan with its bark still on

Studying the lore and mythology surrounding trees will lead to an understanding of their qualities which will in turn guide your choice of Wand.  Any wand will be charged with natural energies from the land in which it was grown. Sometimes, as the sign on our Stall says, its best to ‘let the Wand chose you’ – you will then have a friend for life.


The greatest possible force should be Invoked into the new Wand as it is purified and consecrated. When not in use it can be kept wrapped in silken cloth  (not of dark earthy colours)  or placed upon an Altar where it will receive the light of the Moon. As they grow ‘between the worlds’ they should not be placed upon the earth but stored in an elevated place or kept hanging in a bag to retain their powers. 


Many feel the best wand is one that you cut and shape for yourself but for those who do not have the time or access to woods then we aim to provide a quality tool such that we would want to own ourselves. When a wand is first purchased it may take some time to bond to it and you have to spend time handling it, especially under a full moon. Sleep with it close by and gradually the closeness will start to develop. As you begin to work with your Wand you can then feel that power passing from your hand down through the length of the wand and  the ‘fire’ associated with this tool will be working to the intent of your Will.


Garfield Woodnut.  SDHT